About us

Before you start, know a little about us

Sometimes, a few sentences are not enough to portray the complexities of intricate human emotions. Elixirnow is a social platform that delivers proses, short stories and poetry for a wholesome experience.

We are a loose assemblage of young and diverse writers who share a strong will to design a platform which focuses on longer pieces of art in a world compressed into two liners. We aim to create a new dimension of literature for the like-minded readers and writers by being not only a virtual space, but also a friendly guide.

We see a lot of potential and a flair for writing in several unrecognised, unpublished artists who do not get enough appraisals due to the lack of resources. We plan to back them up and help them reach higher levels of prowess.

We accept submissions from the community, and give them a chance to publish their artistry with us.

Our aim is to spread the beauty of art for all, with all.

In a world full of jaw dropping flash fiction let's be a fascinating short story

Shivansh Sarin